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Vision Produce professional Electrical Engineers, to accept the new challenges, to serve the society and emerge as a centre of excellence. Mission

1. Provide student supportive environment that facilitate the students for long life learning to face the challenges in Electrical Engineering field.;

2.To impart the knowledge and exposure to recent technological advancement and industrial professional practice.; industrial professional practice.

3.To provide consultancy services to social, educational, industrial and commercial organization for self reliance. ; Organization for self reliance

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs) 1.Electrical engineer graduate shall be ready for modern electrical power system, energy industry and non conventional energy sources. 2.Electrical engineer graduate shall be able to enhanced analytical skill to solve industrial problem and work as a entrepreneur. 3.Electrical engineer graduate shall be able promote the awareness of green technologies by considering environmental aspects. 4.Electrical engineer graduate shall be able to work in multi disciplinary platform for system optimization PROGRAMME SPECIFIC OUTCOMES) PSOs 1.The graduate will be able to model and design electrical equipment and electrical power system. 2.The graduate will be able to identify and rectify the trouble shooting in electrical system. 3.The graduate will be able to understand the importance of financial aspects in power system infrastructure development by considering social and environmental needs. 4.The graduate will be able to test and verify electrical equipment through experimentation.
Sr. No Name of Laboratories
1 High Voltage Engineering laboratory
2 Electrical Installation and Design laboratory
3 Electrical Machines laboratory
4 Electrical Workshop
5 Electrical Drawing &Simulation Laboratory
6 Control System laboratory
7 Power Electronics laboratory
8 Basic Electrical Engineering laboratory
9 Network Analysis laboratory
10 Measurement & Instrumentation laboratory
1 Dr. Keshao Bante Professor
2 Ms. Surbhi Shrivastav Assosiate Professor
3 Mr. Nehal Kanhare Assistant Professor
4 Mr. Arvind Vasudevan Assistant Professor
1 Dr. D.P.Kothari Professor
2 Mrs. Rajani Sharma Assosiate Professor
3 Mr. Deepak Kadu Assistant Proessor
1 Mr. Alok Ranjan Assistant Professor
2 Ms Arshi Nazis Assistant Professor
3 Mr. Anad Jatav Assistant Professor
4 Mr. Vikram Prasad Assistant Professor
5 Ms. Roshani Jethani Assistant Professor
6 Ms. Anchali Pathankar Assistant Professor
7 Ms Rashmi More Assistant Professor
8 Ms. Priyanka Giradkar Assistant Professor
9 Ms. Yamini Ghoradkar Assistant Professor
10 Mr. Batul Shakir Assistant Professor
11 Ms. Shubhangi Raut Assistant Professor
12 Ms. Sneha Dhapke Assistant Professor
13 Ms. Nagma Pathan Assistant Professor
14 Ms. Harsha Hood Assistant Professor
15 Ms. Sulbha Kamble Assistant Professor
16 Ms. Mayuri Kumbhare Assistant Professor
17 Ms Priti Kapse Assistant Professor