Department of Electrical Engineering

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♦To be a model of excellence in Techno- Entrepreneurial education and application with overall personality development concept considering ethical values to meet the demand of industries and society.


♦ To create Techno-Entrepreneurial environment in the field of application, industry interaction, entrepreneurship for the betterment of society.

♦ Academic Excellence in Engineering and Technology Through Complete dedication to all round Growth of Students. ♦  Enable the Students to Develop Outstanding Professional with Technical Competence and Management Skills. ♦ Fulfill the Expectation of the Society and Industries with Ethical Standards for developing Sustainable Solutions

1 Dr. D.P.Kothari Adjunct Professor
2 Dr. K. Bante Assosiate Professor
3 Ms.N.Pathan Assistant Professor
1 Prof. D.Tutakne Adjunct Professor
2 Mr.P.Ambade Assistant Professor
1 Prof. Mahadeo Gaidhane Adjunct Professor
2 Ms. G. Dhole Assistant Professor
3 Mr. R.Wankar Assistant Professor
4 Ms. S.Wasnik Assistant Professor
5 Mr. Anand Jatav Assistant Professor
6 Mr. Betul Sheikh Assistant Professor
7 Ms. P Bawankule Assistant Professor
8 Mr.Vikram Prasad Assistant Professor
9 Mr. P. Mandvikar Assistant Professor
10 Mr. Kartik Sinha Adjunct Professor
11 Ms. R More Assistant Professor
12 Ms. P.Giradkar Assistant Professor
13 Ms. P.Kapse Assistant Professor
14 Ms. Mayuri Kumbhare Assistant Professor
15 Ms. Y.Giradkar Assistant Professor
16 Ms. Anchal Patankar Assistant Professor
17 Mr. B.Sakir Assistant Professor
1 Workshop on Interview techniques, group discussion Expert Faculty Ms. Avanti Gaidhane Team Leader Accenture Pune (Soft Skill Development)
2 Industrial Visit to Solar Power Plant, Lokmat (Industry Institute Interaction Activities)
3 Skill Development related to Drives, Lokmat
4 How to become an Ideal Student (Student Counselling )
5 MOU with Sundip Solar Pvt. Limited
6 PLC SCADA Workshop
7 Vidyouth 2K18
8 Industry Institute Interaction Meet Prof. Mahadeo Gaidhane (HoD Electrical), Mr. R N Jha (RetdChiefEngg, WCL), Mr. Rupesh Wankar (Industry Interaction Activities), Ms. Shefali Wasnik (Activity Incharge), Mr. Pradip (Electrical Installation Expert), Mr. Chiddawar (Energy Audit Expert)
Sr. No Name of Laboratories
1 High Voltage Engineering laboratory
2 Electrical Installation and Design laboratory
3 Electrical Machines laboratory
4 Electrical Workshop
5 Electrical Drawing &Simulation Laboratory
6 Control System laboratory
7 Power Electronics laboratory
8 Basic Electrical Engineering laboratory
9 Network Analysis laboratory
10 Measurement & Instrumentation laboratory
Program Educational Objectives (PEOs) 1. Practice electrical engineering in Power System, drives & control 2. Contribute to technical and economic development of society 3. Pursue higher education and work for research and development of society PROGRAMME SPECIFIC OUTCOMES) PSOs 1. Demonstrate industrial practices learned through internship and solve the live problems of industries 2. Utilize skills in transforming ideas into hardware project and to protect intellectual property rights 3. Propose innovative solutions in the area of Power systems and Electric Drives