Department Electrical Engineering

About Electrical Engineering

The electrical engineering curriculum provides a firm foundation in fundamentals, while also giving students exposure to current technologies for design and implementation. It strives for a balance between theory, laboratory and design experience The professional elective courses taken give the student expertise in an area of specialization in electrical engineering, or allow him or her to explore topics of individual interest. Areas of specialization in electrical engineering include: biomedical engineering, electronic circuits and instrumentation, microelectronics, systems, and telecommunications. Suggestions on the choice of professional electives appropriate for each area of specialization are found in the Electrical & Systems Engineering Department Guide to Course Selection.
The department of Electrical Engineering at WAINGANGA COLLGE OF ENGINEERING, NAGPUR offers a vibrant environment for postgraduate education and research in Electrical Engineering. Established in 2010, the vision of the department is to provide the leadership to enable India's excellence in the field of Electrical Engineering. The department is currently engaged in research in many areas of Electrical Engineering including Power Systems, Energy Studies, Power Electronics, Electrical Drives, High Voltage engineering, Signal Processing, Image Processing and Multimedia, Biomedical Imaging, Machine Learning, Pattern Recognition, etc. This branch of engineering deals with the study and application of electricity, electronics and electromagnetism. The department equips the student to develop ability to apply ICT knowledge in engineering analysis, design simulation and control as a result of adequate exposure to various software during course tenure. Career opportunities include working as technical support engineer, research & development engineer, production engineer in electrical companies, telecommunication industry, computer hardware or software industry, automobile industry, power station, in designing and manufacturing of electrical circuits etc.
Power Electronics
High Voltage
Switchgear & Protection
Computer applications in Electrical engineering
Control System
Electrical Machine Design
Computer Aided Electrical engineering drawing
Linear Electronic Circuit
Microprocessor Lab
Electrical Machines
Electrical Measurement & Measuring Instrument
Network Analysis
Digital Circuits
Electronic Devices & Circuits
Basic Electrical Engineering
Computer Lab (PG)
Research Lab (PG)


Sr. No. Name Designation Qualification Teaching Experience
1 Prof. Nausin Khan Asst. Prof.  M.Tech
2 Prof. Mrunali Chitkate Asst. Prof. M.Tech
3 Prof. Nehal Kanhare Asst. Prof. M.Tech
4 Prof. Arvind Vasudevan Asst. Prof. M.Tech
1 Prof. Surbhi Shriwastava Asst. Prof. M.Tech
2 Prof. Alka Daharwal Asst. Prof. M.Tech
3 Prof. Rajani Sharma Asst. Prof. M.Tech
1 Prof. Alok Singh Asst. Prof. (HOD) M.Tech
2 Prof. Roshani Jethani Asst. Prof. M.Tech
 3  Prof. Sandesh Shethe  Asst. Prof.  M.Tech  
4 Prof. Rashmi More Asst. Prof. M.Tech
5 Prof. Yogini Ghoradka Asst. Prof. M.Tech
6 Prof. Betul Shaikh Asst. Prof. M.Tech
7 Prof. Saurabh Lawate Asst. Prof. M.Tech
8 Prof. Sugat Dhande Asst. Prof. M.Tech
9 Prof. Mayuri Kumbhare Asst. Prof. M.Tech
10 Prof. Sanket Borkar Asst. Prof. M.Tech
1 Prof. Shubhangi Raut Asst. Prof. M.Tech
2 Prof. Sulbha Kamble Asst. Prof. M.Tech
3 Prof. Anchali Patankar Asst. Prof. M.Tech
4 Prof. Priyanka Giradkar Asst. Prof. M.Tech
5 Prof. Priyanka Bawankule Asst. Prof. M.Tech
6 Prof. Vikram Prasad Asst. Prof. M.Tech
7 Prof. Dhiraj Nirwan Asst. Prof. M.Tech
8 Prof. Priti Kapase Asst. Prof. M.Tech
9 Prof. Kumar Dhawan Asst. Prof. M.Tech
1 Prof. Pravin Mandvikar Lecturer B.E.
2 Prof. Satish Urkude Lecturer B.E.
3 Prof. Aman Shahu Lecturer B.E.
4 Prof. Yogesh Bahatkar Lecturer B.E.
5 Prof. Arshi Nazish Lecturer B.E.
6 Prof. Mrunal Dawas Lecturer B.E.
7 Prof. Vishakha Jambhulkar Lecturer B.E.
8 Prof. Mrunal Deshkar Lecturer M.Tech*
9 Prof. Kartik Sinha Lecturer B.E.
10 Prof. Shubham Kawale Lecturer B.E.
1 Mr. Amit Deshoande Adjunct
2 Mr. P.K. Akre Adjunct
3 Miss. Apurva Khare Adjunct
4 Miss. Soumya Khan Adjunct
5 Mr. sanjay Kele Adjunct
6 Mr. Manish Agrawal Adjunct
7 Mr. Amit Singh Adjunct