Department of Civil Engineering...................


The Department of Civil Engineering was established in the year 2013 with an intake of 60. The department is equipped with modern equipment’s and highly advanced laboratories. Department of Civil engineering is spearheaded by highly competent, dedicated, well qualified and experienced faculties having roots with NIT. The department is providing avenues for the students to qualify themselves as good Civil Engineers and provide their contribution to the development of society and nation. The Civil Engineering Department is the youngest among all other departments in our college, but even then we are giving best in the university exams. Keeping in view the fast changing scenario, it is essential to develop various extracurricular skills like administrative, managerial and social. The Civil Engineering Department has formed student forum named “CESA”. This cell helps the students to develop their extracurricular skills and provide a platform to interact with other college students and faculties. The department has organized various events like one day workshop, site visits, guest lectures along with one week industrial tour to develop the student in the field of special technique and modern construction practices. The department of civil engineering is also looking forward to arrange short term training program for staff on latest development in the field of civil engineering.

Vision of the Department

♦ To develop Civil engineers to adapt state-of-the-art Civil engineering broad-based technologies to work in multi-disciplinary work environment aimed at solving the broad-based problems individually and as team member

Mission of the Department

♦ To develop facilities and services for academic excellence for faculties and students

♦ Effective implementation of teaching learning process by framing the policies so as to develop the students individually

♦ To promote research and development activities with a frame of social values and ethics.

Salient Features:

The major strength of the dept. is due to its multidimensional activities like testing, organising state-of-art seminars, workshops, short term courses etc.. The department is equipped with its own Computer Center for Research and Development, teaching and training. Technical papers have been presented by the faculty members in various national and international conferences. Regular credit courses on AUTO CAD, STAAD Pro software are run to supplement the curriculum. Participation of students in intra college symposium and national level technical symposium competitions Guest lectures on advanced topics The department has developed many laboratories with modern facilities under various schemes of Govt.of India,viz.,Network Scheme, Modernization Scheme And Emerging Area of Technology.

Various Laboratories with Departments are as under:

Environmental Engineering Lab

Fluid Mechanics Lab

Geotechnical Engineering Lab

Strength of Material Lab

Structural Engineering Lab

Transportation Engineering Lab

Surveying Lab  

Engineering Geology Lab

Engineering Mechanics Lab


Sr.NO Name Designation
1 Mr. Rajesh Ingole Associate Professor
2 Mrs. Rupali Singh Assistant Professor
3 Mr. Shaillendra Taksande Assistant Professor
4 Ms. Shweta Yelne Assistant Professor
5 Ms. Chaitali Isal Assistant Professor
6 Mr. Hitesh Bhure Assistant Professor
7 Mr. Praveen Wadhonkar Assistant Professor
8 Mr. Dilip Nikhade Assistant Professor
9 Mr. Sameer Dafe Assistant Professor
10 Ms. Itishree Pradhan Assistant Professor
11 Mr. Sameer Padhole Assistant Professor
12 Mr. Chetan Timande Assistant Professor
1 Engineering Mechanics
2Strength Of Material
3Concrete Technology
4Transportation Engineering
5 Environmental Engineering
6Geotechnical Engineering
8Structural Analysis
9Fluid Mechanics
10Engineering Geology

Programme Educational Objectives

The programme educational objectives of the civil engineering program are designed to produces killed graduates who are ready to contribute effectively to the advancement of civil engineering profession and are ready to handle the challenges of the profession

(PEO1) Apply fundamental technical knowledge and skills to find creative solutions to technological challenges and problems in various domains of Civil Engineering.

(PEO2) Analyze, design and use skills in order to formulate and solve Civil Engineering problems

(PEO3) Practice Civil Engineering in an ethical manner, as an individual or a team member,implementing eco- friendly sustainable technologies

(PEO4) Take up higher education and R & D in civil engineering and allied areas of science and technology for the benefit of industry and society


PSO 1. Construction Planning and Designing: Perform optimal Civil engineering construction, planning and designing activities of desired quality at optimal cost.

PSO 2: Construction Execution and Maintenance: Execute Civil engineering construction and maintenance using relevant materials and equipment.

PSO3: Construction Entrepreneurship:Utilized skills in qualifying competitive exams and demonstrating leadership to emerge as potential entrepreneur.