Department Of Electronics Engineering And Electronics And Telecommunication Engineering

About Electronics Engineering And Electronics And Telecommunication

Electronics engineers design and develop the systems used by machines and equipment in lots of industries, from mobile communications and computing to aerospace. If you love electronics and like finding out how things work, this could be a perfect choice of career for you.
Established in 2008, the department has always remained on the forefront in producing quality engineers who have brought great laurels to the institute, society and nation at large. The department has a tradition of attracting the topmost merit students at UG from across the state. The department offers excellent infrastructure and resources in the form of knowledgeable faculty, well equipped laboratories and a library having a vast collection of informative books. It has faculty, PG and research students working in research areas related to cutting edge technologies such as VLSI and Embedded Systems, Communication Networks, Computer vision and Pattern Recognition, Signal Coding and Communication, . The Department offers two under graduate courses: 1) B.E. (Electronics) and B.E. (Electronics and Telecommunication), 2) One post graduate course (Electronics). The department caters to the ever increasing needs of technical brilliance in all allied areas of electronics engineering such as Microelectronics, telecommunication, control and automation, power systems and power electronics. There are around 8 well equipped and sufficiently staffed laboratories which includes a PG lab exclusively meant for the research. The department contributes to the process of producing efficient and resourceful engineers by embedding the R & D capabilities of the recent trends. The aim of department is to develop our students with the innovative engineering skill necessary to keep pace with the rapidly advancing electronic and telecommunication industry. Technology like VLSI, Embedded System, Image Processing, and Computer Networks has helped us to mould students in becoming quality engineers required in today’s competitive environment. The department has always been on a high growth path and has experienced and dedicated faculty with a strong commitment to engineering education. Students are given more practical exposure and innovative methodologies for the design and development in the field of Electronic Engineering, which is the backbone for all engineering disciplines. Laboratories are equipped with major equipment such as Digital Storage Oscilloscope, Logic Analyzers and Standard Signal Generators etc. Software such as MATLAB, MULTISIM, XILINX, TIN ARPO and MICRO WIND is being used.
Television Engineering
UHF and Microwave
Advanced Microprocessor
Software Simulation
Control System
Communication Engineering
Linear Electronic Circuits
Electronic Workshop
Power Electronics
Electronic Devices & Circuits
Digital Circuits
Electronic Measurement
C Language & Data Structures
Basic Electrical Machines
Computer Lab (PG)
Research Lab (PG)

Faculty Of Department Of Electronics Engineering And Electronics & Telecommunication

Sr. No. Name Designation Qualification Teaching Experience
1 Prof. Santosh Kumar Banoth Asst. Prof.  M.Tech
2 Prof. Malvika saraf Asst. Prof. M.Tech
3 Prof. Rahul Naware Asst. Prof. M.Tech
4 Prof. Puja Khangar Asst. Prof. M.Tech
1 Prof. Rahul Nawkhare Asst. Prof.(HOD EN) M.Tech
2 Prof. Abhay Satmohankar Asst. Prof.(HOD ETC) M.Tech
3 Prof. Rupa Tomaskar Asst. Prof. M.Tech
4 Prof. Nivedita Nandgave Asst. Prof. M.Tech
5 Prof. Arpita Chirde Asst. Prof. M.Tech
 6  Prof. Sana Rahman  Asst. Prof.  M.Tech  
7 Prof. Rupali Bambal Asst. Prof. M.Tech
8 Prof. Seema Girare Asst. Prof. M.Tech
9 Prof. Vaibhav Jane Asst. Prof. M.Tech
1 Prof. Payal Patil Asst. Prof. M.Tech
2 Prof. Praveen Waghmare Asst. Prof. M.Tech
3 Prof. Vinod Bolle Asst. Prof. M.Tech
4 Prof. Barai Kunika Asst. Prof. M.Tech
5 Prof. Pooja Shah Asst. Prof. M.Tech
6 Prof. Rahul Barahate Asst. Prof. M.Tech
7 Prof. Akash Choudhari Asst. Prof. M.Tech
8 Prof. Nikhil Karitiya Asst. Prof. M.Tech
9 Prof. Anagha Wankhede Asst. Prof. M.Tech

Our Faculty