Women’s Grievance Cell

The Women Empowerment Cell aims to ensure gender equality at this institution by allowing equal opportunities and equal rights, establishing dignity and self-respect, and providing education about the rights and provisions, to both female and male members of this institution, whether staff or student. With that aim in mind, this cell has two committees to deal with complaints made in this regard.


1. To provide a platform to all female staff and students to address their complaints either in person or in writing.

2. Establish structures, rules, objectives and quantifiable goals to ensure gender balance and justice in decision-making processes at all levels

3. To investigate the complaint by examining the complainant, perpetrator, and witnesses, collecting evidence, and filing reports.

4. To ensure impartial assessment of the complaints received irrespective of caste, creed, or religion of the complainant.

Following are the members of Internal Complaints Committee for the academic session 2016-17 upto 2018-19.

Sr No Name Position Contact No.
1 S. Trivedi 9607321951 Teaching
2 Mrs. Rupali Singh 9371999793 Teaching
3 Mrs Rupa Tomaskar 9665064954 Teaching
4 Miss Rakhi Yadav 8421305129 Teaching
5 Miss Minakshi Shendre 7757062104 Teaching
6 Chanchala Tripathi 88301167245 Teaching
7 Mrs Vaishali Mahajan 7755980814 Non Teaching
8 Miss Shweta Bais 7219649684 Student
9 Miss Tejasjwini Kore 8381040775 Student
10 Harsha Hood 8625846311 Student