Central Library

Library is the heart of our Institution. Library provides facilities like open stack areas, individual study tables, reference books section, Reprography section etc. Book-Bank facility is also offered to toppers and needy students.

The library has 29,256 books, 4920 titles and 95 Journals. The library staff is always engaged in organizing various programs like orientation program, Book-Exhibition, Drawing competition, Digital India Week etc.

Total no of Book :- 33,660(Text Books : 21520, Project : 921 & E-Books 11219)

Total no. of Titles :- 5818

Total no. of Journals :- 100

Online E-Resource :-

1)DELNET (e-journals, e-books & other facility)

2) National Digital Lib. Of India

3) Swayam (Free Online Education)

4) NPTEL (Free Online Educational Video)

Total no. of Magazines : - 10

Total no. of CD’s :- 715

Total no. of PC’s :- 12 Total No. of E-Books :- Freely Available (2330)

Total no. of News Paper :- 17

1. English News Paper 05

2. Hindi News Paper 04

3. Marathi News Paper 08

Employment News :- 01

Classification Scheme :- UDC (Universal Decimal Classification)

Library Software :- Sack Info 2.5

Book Search :- OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue)

Working Hours :- 10:00 am. – 05:00 pm

Category Count
Book Bank Books 434
General Books 13825
National Journals 84
Magazines 12
Newspapers 11

1. No transaction will be made without the identify card. I-card shall be nontransferable.

2. TWO  books will be issued to the students at a time for 7 days.

3. Re-issue will be made for another 10 days, subject to availability and demand of particular book.

4. Students entering the library are required to keep their personal belongings in the property counter.

5. Students are expected to sign in the visitor’s register at the entrance, and also required to enter the accession no. of books issued to them and sign in the out going book register at the time of leaving the library.

6. CD accompanying the book will be issued at the request of the user

7. If the book is not returned before stipulated time limit, a penalty of Rs. 2/- will be imposed per day per book.

8. Any existing damage should be brought to the notice of the staff and signature should be obtained otherwise user shall be held responsible.

9. If book is lost, either it shall be replaced by new copy or by paying double the cost of the book.

10. If the required book is not available, please register your claim. It will be issued as soon as it is available based on the serial order of claimants.

11. If claimant fails to get the book issued within 3 days, it will be issued to the next claimant.

12. To get the books issued for the whole year/semester, under Book Bank Scheme, students are required to register their names and requisitions with the issue counter in-charge.

13. Clearance certificate will not be issued unless all the books/CDs/I-Card are returned and dues are paid.

14. The amount of penalty shall be recovered after summer examination.

15. For duplicate I-Card a fine of Rs. 100/- will be charged.

16. Rules regarding maintaining silence, utilization of books and library facilities and general discipline should be followed strictly in the library. Students violating the rules will be debarred from library services.