Dimloma In Civil Engineering.............

1. Established with Polytechnic Civil in the year 2014 with an intake of 60.

2. Experienced and well qualified faculty members

3. Dissemination of quality and value based education

4. Active industry collaboration

5. Organises Guest Lectures, Workshops, and Expert Lectures.

6. Exposure for Consultancy works

7. Campus Recruitment Training and Internship for studen


To produce competent technical manpower in Civil Engineering for fulfilling needs of Industry & Society.


1.To impart need based technical education in Civil Engineering.

2.To modernize departmental laboratories and facilities.

3.To train faculty and staff , to meet challenges in socio-technical environment.

4.To inculcate values and ethics among students.

Sr.No Name of the Laboratory List of Equipments/Software
1 Engineering Mechanics Lab Coil friction apparatus, Double purchase crab wrinch, Differential wheel and axle apparatus, Fly wheel apparatus, machine slide plane apparatus for friction, Jib crane, Law of polygon of forces.
2 Surveying Lab Aluminium levelling staff, Box Sextant, Cross-staff, Measuring tape, Optical Square, Prismatic compass with aluminium stand, Transit Vernier Theodolite, Dumpy Level, Linertec Total station.
3 Geotechnical Engineering Lab Balance laboratory, Core-cutter, Direct shear attachment, glass plate, Liquid limit Device, female conning tool, male conning, Oven thermostatic, permeability test apparatus, Shrinkage limit Kit, Sieve shaker, Sieves, Sieves adapter, sand pouring cylinder apparatus, wash bottle, unconfined Compression tester, Sample Extractor.
4 Fluid Mechanics Lab Bernoulli’s theorem apparatus, Meta-centric HT apparatus, Notch apparatus, Orifice apparatus, Reynolds apparatus, Stop watch, U-tube DC, Venturimeter, Centrifugal pump Test, Gate value, Hook gauge brass, Hydraulic non-return value, Jet apparatus, Pivot tube.
5 Geology Lab Stone rocks, Rocks cleavage, Rock, Stone rocks hardness, Stone rocks lustre, Strike Plate.
6 Strength of Material Lab Extensometer, Gauge for checking distance, Gauge for checking depth U notch, Gauge for checking depth V notch, LED shot, Pendulum Impact testing machine, Hardness test, Spring testing machine, Specimen setting and centering tongs, Torsion testing machine, Tile fixture testing machine, Universal testing Machine, U notch milling cutter, V notch milling cutter.
7 Environmental Engineering Lab Conductometer, pH meter, Jar test apparatus, Turbidity meter
8 Computer aided design Lab AutoCAD Softewares
9 Concrete Technology Lab Blaine’s air permeability, Compression testing machine, Electronic digital weighing machine, GI tray, Le-Chateliar water batch, Pycnometer, Slump test apparatus, Vicat apparatus
Sr.NO Name Designation
1 Prof.Bhavana Bajpaye Lecturer
2 Prof.Itishree.Pradhan Lecturer
3 Prof.Navjot Singh Lecturer
4 prof.Vaishali Singh Lecturer
5 Prof.Surbhi Ambarkhane Lecturer
6 Prof.Surbhi Indapawar Lecturer