Welcome to Information Technology


Prof. Pradnya Kamble, Head of Department

The information Technology takes a keen interest in nurturing and shaping the career of undergraduate and graduate students. Computers have been playing a pivotal role in all branches of knowledge and fields, ranging from Engineering, Medical Sciences, Economics to social Engineering and e-governance. The department of CSE is one of the oldest branches of the college, established in 2008. He has been instrumental in framing the curricular, industrial and societal advancements during the planning and conduction of the programs in tune with the technological advancements and need of the time over a period of 1 decade. The labs are fully equipped with state of art facilities & modern teaching aids. The devoted personnel and staff are qualified & highly experienced with a flair for guiding students in their areas of expertise. The educational atmosphere is highly conducive for the young students to widen the range of their talents. The frequently composed courses, workshops, gatherings and workforce improvement programmes concentrating on the recent advancements in technology & innovations help to build up competency, administration characteristics, upgrade state of mind and cooperation. Our alumni are working at very good & higher positions in the global IT giants like IBM, Microsoft, Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Amazon, TCS, Infosys, Wipro, etc.The management of the college is always at the forefront in providing advanced facilities and encouraging the scholastic developments.