Industrial Visit to Singapore

  • Industrial Visit to Singapore

    Professional Business Commercial Industrial visits create an important part of the management course of study in order that the student acquires a chance to encounter the real functional practical atmosphere.

    Wainganga College of Engineering and Management is the only organization and educational institute providing MBA Education which gives Students an overall exposure of not only of Indian economic market as well as gives fascinating ideas and research of International successful companies and factories. In light of this, Wainganga College arranged foreign Industrial Visit to Singapore.

    The industrial visit is planned to give the students a practical exposure to the current working of corporate companies and to co relate the same to what they study in their course of MBA, which will ensure that they are in demand forever for these companies.

    Purpose: The purpose of arranging foreign industrial visit to MBA Students is to make them aware about what is going on globally. Often students of other colleges are not likely to be aware about the global industry scenario, how internationally companies have progressed.

    Various Company types: Students are taken to various types of industries such as FMCG products, Manufacturing, Automobile, Textiles, Service industry, Media and PR, Chemical, Shipping, Mining, Energy, banking and Finance and many more. Students are taken to a wide spectrum of array of industries; this is because we have 5 segments: MBA in IT, MBA in Human resource, MBA in Marketing, MBA in Operations and MBA in Finance.

    Overall Exposure: Each student gets his overall exposure of the selected industry and the specialization which they are going to pursue. Causing of students interaction with the workers and officials of entirely the other side of globe helps them to attain & gain knowledge about the Production process (useful for MBA-Operations Students), HR Policies and Procedures (which are useful for MBA-HR Students), Marketing strategies (How MBA Marketing students are going to be in future), financial aspects (to know about how finance sector works), use of technology (MBA –information technology students analysis about what revolutionary invention should be adopted), Quality of Work Life, and Consistency. Industrial Visit helps in combining the academic knowledge with practical experience in life and corporate environment. These visits consist of plant & production behavior and discussions with the staff in various departments of the organization.

    Industry Reputation: Wainganga College arranges industrial visits to only those companies which are categorized in A+ and A category. We believe in excellence. We have our morals and beliefs that the student should be exposed to a wide range of exciting conclusions for his future.

    Companies visited: Wainganga College has arranged visits to Yakult, Marina Barrage Reservoir, National University of Singapore and many more. Here they got to learn about how Yakult plant works. Yakult is a premium probiotic cultured milk drink that contains the specially cultivated beneficial bacteria known as Lactobacillus. Each little bottle of Yakult is packed with more than 10 billion L. casei strain Shirota, enough to replenish the friendly bacteria in our digestive system. They learnt how Marina Barrage Reservoir caters the drinking water requirements of Singapore: How excess rain water is released in sea during low tide and how giant pumps capable of pumping an Olympics sized swimming pool per minute drains off excess storm water into the sea during high tide. Here, the students also got the exposure on The Sustainable Singapore Blueprint 2015 which outlines the national vision and plans for a more live able and sustainable Singapore, to support the diverse needs and growing aspirations of Singaporeans. This blueprint is a plan for action and provides all of us a unique opportunity to work together to create a better home, a better environment and a better future that we can all be proud of.

    Everyone visited Universal Studio, Floating Football Field, Skypark Hotel, Night Safari, Santosa Island and Bird Show.

    Learning: With these types of wide range of companies, Students learnt about Trade & export management, raw Material Procurement, How employee benefits are thought commercially, How Logistics are done, get to know about how zero inventory management is achieved, how companies in global economic face challenges and many other relative topics. Student also got a chance to get hand’s on experience with respect to operations and materials management while Industrial visit. Our Ultimate aim is to provide a unique opportunity for management students to gain a foresight working environment related to their subject area and specialization as well as to develop their communication and inter-personal skills in the context of work.

    Students want to learn everything that is going on an industrial visit. A well talented MBA student from our college can always do that of its nature which has an idea of covering a broad vision – marketing, management, finance and accounting.

    Conclude: Management graduates passing out from our institute have the strategic perspective, business knowledge, and excellent management skills to deliver strong performance while making a positive impact on society, environment and mankind.

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