Department Of Science And Humanities

About Department Of Science And Humanities

The department provides deep understanding of the fundamentals of Applied Chemistry, Applied Physics, Applied Mathematics, Communication Skills and Applied Social Sciences. It supports the basic needs of all engineering subjects. The department has skilled and experienced faculties. The laboratories are well equipped with essential sophisticated instruments.
Applied Chemistry
Applied Physics
Applied Mechanics
Computer Lab
Communication Skills
Engineering Drawing
Basic Electrical Engineering
Basic Civil Engineering

Faculty Of Science And Humanities

Sr. No. Name Designation Qualification Teaching Experience
1 Dr. Shrikant Nimkar Asst. Prof.(HOD)  Ph.D
2 Prof. Soniya Sayam Asst. Prof.
3 Dr. Lekhraj Hatwar Asst. Prof. Ph.D
4 Dr. Dilip Deshpande Asst. Prof. Ph.D
5 Prof. Padma Hiradkar Asst. Prof.
6 Prof. Milind Deshpande Asst. Prof.
1 Prof. Sushama Trivedi Asst. Prof.
2 Dr. Subhashchandra Patil Asst. Prof. Ph.D
3 Prof. Puja Deshpande Asst. Prof.
4 Prof. Manish Katiya Asst. Prof.
5 Prof. Mangesh Zade Asst. Prof.
6 Prof. Nirmala Sarode Asst. Prof.
7 Prof. Chetan Adwani Asst. Prof.
8 Prof. M.K. Rahangdale Asst. Prof.
1 Prof. Prerna Shende Asst. Prof.
2 Prof. Rakhi Yadav Asst. Prof.
 3  Prof. Narendra Shahu  Asst. Prof.    
4 Prof. Swati Gaidhane Asst. Prof.
5 Prof. Manohar Hemane Asst. Prof.
6 Prof. Sawti Deshmukh Asst. Prof.
7 Prof. Vinod Date Asst. Prof.
8 Prof. Amit Bagade Asst. Prof.
9 Prof. Ankosh Ramteke Asst. Prof.
10 Prof. Yograj Rahangdale Asst. Prof.
11 Dr. Arvind Sharma ADJUNCT Ph.D
12 Dr. Chandresh Arekar ADJUNCT Ph.D
1 Prof. Avinash Ghorpade Asst. Prof.
2 Prof. Shilpa Sathe Asst. Prof.
3 Prof. Amit Titarmare Asst. Prof.
1 Prof. R.S. Roria M.Sc.
2 Prof. Karuna Bhurbhure Asst. Prof.
3 Prof. Samiksha Dhepe Asst. Prof.
4 Dr. Mohan Gadegone Adjunct
1 Prof. Somdatta Karanjekar Asst. Prof.
2 Prof. Rahul Ghottkar Asst. Prof.