Dr. Bharati B. Sayankar

(HOD CSE)and Director IQAC

Objectives of Department

  • The department had taken the initiative for the preparation of syllabus of B.E. and M.Tech. in AIDS for RTM Nagpur University.
  • Graduates shall have the ability to apply knowledge across the disciplines and in emerging areas of Computer Science and Engineering for higher studies, research, employability, product development and handle the realistic problems.
  • To modernize and strengthen undergraduate and graduate programs.
  • To prepare students with the courses offered by institution with following branches - for
  • graduation program CSE, IT and AIDS, for post graduation CSE, SS and AIDS.


  • To provide quality technical education for producing professional computer engineers, researchers and entrepreneurs


  • M1 : To provide appropriate computer engineering knowledge to students.
  • M2 : To impact soft skills, leadership qualities and professional ethics.
  • M3 : To motivate students to take up higher studies and innovative research projects.

Plagiarism report


  • 04 Year

  • HSC / Diploma

  • 90